Grace (my 2 year old Doc Brown look alike)  has been learning her shapes. Circles, Triangles, Squares…..she is obsessed right now. It all started with an Elmo book on shapes, but it’s gotten to where she draws shapes and points out shapes and sings about shapes.
As her mommy, I am keenly aware that her little mind is shaping and being formed. All of the sudden I care about everything that’s on TV, who she is influenced by, and how much time she spends on different things. Even though she is just two, she absorbs everything. I want her to be shaped by positive things as much as possible. She thinks that everyone older than her is amazing and she copies everything, sooooooooo……it’s made me look at life from a different perspective (again).
As I think of the ongoing process of God “shaping” my life, I have realized that He has done the “shaping” for the foundational TRUTH He wants me to know…like- Who is God? Well, I know the answer to this question because over the last several years, God has revealed it to me through time in His Word.  I would be lost without reading my Bible. I’ve also read plenty of other amazing books that support the Truth from the Word.  God’s Word is seriously alive and kicking.  From what I have learned and experienced- God is Truth. He is Creator. He sent His Son Jesus to die for my sin. He wants me to be His daughter, friend, and He has a beautiful plan for my future. And the best part is: I can walk with Him daily….In a time when more people question than have confidence in anything- I am so confident of the reality of God’s work in my life, I submit my life to the evidence of it.  Hopefully the years of knowing Him has changed me from a spoiled kid to a more patient, wise, loving person.  Totally not perfect, but putting my heart out to Him for Him to change and shape has been hard but worth it.  Plenty of questions about what He’s up to have come up and He has faithfully provided answers and HE has built trust in my heart through the hardest circumstances I’ve faced so far.

Thomas (my smokin hot hubby) and I have asked God to radically change us.  We began to earnestly pray that prayer over the last 4 years and during that time, God has told us to sell our home.  It’s taken us like 4 years to say really? OK. Really?  So, our house is on the market and it makes no sense.  We are trusting and even (becoming) joyful about the prospects of His direction.  There are so many reasons why we think God asked us to sell our house but the main one is the toughest to swallow. It’s the one we don’t tell most people because we get that “look”.  The “look” comes when we say, because God said to.  Dangerous stuff in this day and time when I would rather joke about what was on the Office than explain to my co-worker about God’s radical work in my life.  Talk about turtleneck uncomfortable. Stay tuned to see how it ends up and for more details in the shape(ing) of the process.

Next Question: What does God want from me? Basically- God wants a relationship with me. When I put down my desire to run my own life and gave it to Him- He forgave my sins and gave me a new heart. As someone who messes up more than you’ll ever know, My joy has been this: (I am convinced that our God can actually do this in every heart that looks to Him)
Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)

He can do it!  He can melt the stone-cold heart.  He can change the most addicting behaviors!  He can break us free from co-dependence, impurity, pride, anxiety, jealousy, bitterness, and _______.   We (I) are completely prone to wander, doubt, mess up…. For me, it’s usually a situation that I think should be handled differently.  And there I go asking God to please show up.  Rarely do I give him time before I stick my nose into it and BAM……His work in me is delayed and takes a detour while He washes me clean. (again).

All I have to say is thank you God.  Thank you for Christ and for patience.  And thanks for the shape(ing).  To any friends who are asking for some shape, I totally dare you to go ahead and ask.  When God says to let go or do this or that or just simply listen to Him, please don’t take 3-4 years to listen. 🙂



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