Prepare Him Room

Thanks Everybody for your encouragement to write- I so enjoy the luxury! God’s been so faithful to show me some stuff, I’m working through it and enjoying (most of it).

So I have a story for you: the year was 1994 and I was lookin A.O.K. in my striped jean shorts, tucked in polo, and leather-braid belt. A certain movie had just come out and my friends and I decided to re-enact part of it. See if you can guess…

“Seat’s taken.” “Caint set heara.” “Seets taken!” You guessed Forest Gump, right? Don’t ask me why we quoted that scene over and over. We were tera cotta cool back then. Poor Forest.

This is sort of an exaggerated example of “no room”, but there is another example found in God’s Word.”and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them. (Luke 2:7)

So this story came to mind when I was praying today. God knew we would be unprepared for Jesus.  He knew we would have a struggle from the get go.  Make no mistake- God wants the whole room, but when we walk with Him, I think we have to choose daily to follow Him. The mundane things and the suffering in life can discourage us.  But I think God wants me to look to Him even in this.  AND to make some room…. I am asking God to make some room in my life for whatever. The whatever could be a new way to give, share, or new people He wants me to show His love to.  It seems as though I schedule so much there is no time for wiggle room.  Seems like we all struggle with this.  I love the Christmas song JOY to the World- “Let every heart PREPARE HIM ROOM”  …Good stuff…

It’s amazing to me that I still have the audacity to tell/show/do  the Creator that I have no time for Him or His purposes. I’m thankful for His patience with me.

So…I entered “no room” in Bible Gateway search- look what verse came up:

In his pride the wicked man does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God. Psalm 10:4

(wowsers) Pride is yuck and it produces yuck, really bad decisions, and mainly leaves us with nothing but our self-reliant, worn out, cranky selves. Not to mention it doesn’t really honor God.  So- I ask Him to turn my heart from pride and keep my heart humble AND roomy- whatever it takes.


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