Story of Grace

Grace is 4 Thomas and I can’t believe we’ve been parents for 4 years.  So much has happened since we’ve had Grace and I think we are wondering what we did with all our time before she came!

In honor of this momentous occasion, let me tell you the story about our little miracle…

TOMO’ After suffering through two miscarriages, Thomas and I weren’t sure that we were going to be able to have kids.  God used this tough stuff in our lives to do so many things…I can’t even count.  It stretched us.  Our marriage, perspective, faith- all of these things got stronger. Then came Tomo’…. One evening, we got together with some friends who wanted us to meet with one of their friends.  (You know the routine….awkward) Anyways, we met our friends at McAllister’s Deli here in Arlington. Over a salad and tea, our new friend, Tomo’, talked to us about what God was doing in Eastern Europe and how we could pray for him.  We listened and we were both moved to pray for this precious man of God.  He asked us if there was anything he could pray for us about and we said, “the usual”.  We started to bow our heads and I blurted out, “WAIT, pray that we’ll have a baby…seriously! We are tired of praying!”  He must have thought I was crazy, blurting our business like that but he graciously didn’t let on.  So, Tomo’ prayed a really long prayer in a language I didn’t understand in the middle of McAllister’s.  God answered- nine months later, Grace Malaya Robeson was born.

NAME In 2006, we had the privilege of visiting the beautiful country of Malaysia.  I remember sitting across the table at El’ Capitan (sounds spanish, right) over a cold glass of freshly squeezed green apple juice.  I asked my sweet husband, “Now that we’ve seen some of the world, are you ready to have some kids?”  🙂  We both had been putting it off for awhile, but while in Malaysia, God gave us an excitement about having children and showing them His world.  We decided on the name Grace Malaya because of this and because we prayed (and continue to pray for) God’s grace and favor to rest on our Malay friends. Ain’t that cool?

12/2/08 Grace was due on Thanksgiving day, which naturally worked out great because I got to eat whatever I wanted and I didn’t have to cook or do any dishes. (shout out to Natty)  Thanksgiving night we watched the epic, “Australia” movie…(i hated it but it may have just been that it was like 8 hours long and the seats were so uncomfortable)  We ended up inducing Grace a few days later because she was comfy and cozy and stubborn.  7 lb, 2 oz 19 inches born at 3:12 or 3:20….I can’t remember. (Does that make me a bad mom?)

Favorite Grace Stuff at 2

1. Lips together grin

2. Longest Eyelashes Ever

3. Yo Gabba Gabba Obession

4. Trae Castles Obession

5.  Music is “HA HA”  and  Donuts are “No-nuts”

6.  Drink or Cup is “Cock” (which makes for some interesting looks at restaurants)

7.  She liberally tells me, “Good Job, Mommy”

8.  She pets her Bubba’s head, “thats soft”

9.  Loves to color and draws a pretty good Larry and Bob

10.  Calls “Joy, Joy Joy down in my heart”- Grace’s version: I’ve got the “George, George, George down in my heart!”

Grace at 4

1.  Best friends:  Jude Garrett, Jett , Ella , Favor, Naomi, Marley, Bubbie, Claire, Duke a Bear, Camden and Hudson, Sara and Amanda, Alyssa…. the list goes on… She loves people

2.  Care Taker of all baby dolls

3.  Loves Daddy time

4.  Asks God bold questions

5.  Favorites:  Tiana, Hello Kitty, Lollipops, Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse

6.  Loves her kitty Cat, Minnie

7.  Wants to visit her BFF in Africa—> Kate

8.  LOVES her church and wants to work there

9.  Favorite Song:  Bless the Lord Oh my Soul

10.  Other Favorite Song:  Do a little dance… get down tonight.


Our Prayer We’ve been writing Grace a Journal since before she was born.  Every few months we write her a little note or prayer.  One day she’ll be able to have proof that her parents are crazy for her! This is a song that we wrote before Grace-Face was born.  It’s a blessing we’ve prayed over her from the start:

Love upon love, He will lavish on Thee/ Grace upon Grace, He will show Thee/ Amazing and Free He will so faithfully- Lavish His Love on Thee

Everyday and All Night/ He will be with you dear/ Let His Life be Your Light- and You will have no fear/ Amazing and Free He will so faithfully- Lavish His Love on Thee

You were made to Bless the Lord/ You were made to Bless the Lord/ You were made to worship and adore/ We can’t wait to see you respond to the King- to know Him eternally/ We can’t wait to see God move faithfully/ He will Lavish His Love on Thee!

Grace is 4

Grace is 4

7 Responses to “Story of Grace”
  1. natalie says:

    oh what great parents you are!!!! Love you!! and thanks for the shout out!!! haaaa

  2. donna says:

    Brought tears of “George” to my eyes!!
    I just love the way God loves!!!

  3. rachaelrobeson says:

    Reblogged this on rachaelrobeson and commented:

    Grace turned 4 today. Thinking about how awesome she is and what a miracle it was to have her. So thankful.

  4. I love this story and I love you guys and Grace!! So blessed to be sharing our lives together !!

  5. William says:

    Rachael GOD is Good Everything happens in his timing. He has blessed you with two beautiful children. You are great parents, take it from an old man Ha!

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