Excuse my Dust

I am a huge Red Skelton fan.  Some of my favorites are “Fuller Brush Man” and the movie, “Excuse my Dust”.  In “Excuse my Dust”, Red plays a young man who is supposed to be like Henry Ford and invents the automobile.  He is clumsy, funny, and charming and in the end he gets the girl (who’s father owns the livery stable and is pro-horse/ anti-automobile).  It’s a silly movie and periodically people break out in song and dance- yes that means it’s just like Glee.  Exactly.

I thought about this movie because I really like the title.  Red is always tinkering and blowing dust up in people’s faces while he is working on his master creation, “the horseless carriage”.  His big momma is the only one who believes in him and encourages him daily.  Nobody else gets it or him.  In fact, he is labeled a “freak” by the community he has spent his whole life with.  At one point, he burns the barn down and after that, he has to prove that his efforts are worthwhile to everyone.  Thankfully, the movie is only two hours long, and you can see that Red gets some relief and wins the community’s affection. Bottom line is he invents something that is pretty cool and useful at the end of the story.

Anyways….I’m not going to be cheesy today in trying to figure out or explain who is what in this movie or compare God to Red Skelton.  :) It’s just a funny movie with a funny title.

Speaking of the word, “Dust”, I am enjoying this new song we’ve been singing at Connect lately called, “Beautiful Things” by Gungor.  There is a line in the song, “You make beautiful things out of the dust/You make beautiful things out of us”.  God is using these words in my life right now.  He is fashioning some things and chiseling some things away- holding true to His promise that He is faithful to complete every good work that He starts. Scripture tells us that God formed us from dust and God reminds us that our bodies will return to dust one day. Good stuff.  In the meantime, please excuse my dust.

(sorry I couldn’t help it, hopefully that last sentence made you laugh)

You make me new, You are making me new

You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of the dust

You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of us.



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