thomas oscar robeson

So today, my Hubster turns the big, “3-2”.  Just a couple of endearing memories over the years:

Hot……. We started dating May 16, 1999 and our first date was to Guitar Center.  Thomas impressed me with his mad guitaring skills and that evening he said good-bye for a week …He was off to work on his tan at a Track Meet….which was also Pretty Hot.  2nd 1st date: Tippins… sad it burned down.  I love Thomas’ eyes.  When we were first dating, he told me that he eats lots of carrots to keep his eyesight up…..cute. (sorry)

Forgiving…..I broke up with Thomas at the church altar one Sunday.  It was very dramatic.  He waited for me.  🙂

Romantic……..The first summer we dated, we were apart. He was in Texas doing summer camps and I was in Pa.  So….1999 was pre-skype.  Do ya’ll remember 10-10-220?  Thomas got calling “deals” and it was a treat to talk once a week. Thomas proved his romantic side by sending me sweet letters.  He challenged me in my walk with God.  Together that summer, we read Frank Peretti novels together and made fun of the word, “irridescent”.  Thomas was completely secretive about his middle name, and didn’t give up his “Oscar” secret until the end of the summer.  I think he was worried I may break up with him if I knew.  He was right.

Work………Thomas is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, which impressed me from the start.  When we met, he was working 3 jobs, running track for UTA, and managed to pass all his classes…except Latin (don’t ask).

Patience….. Thomas gets to exercise this quality lots with his family.  Grace and I are in a competition.

Trust…….He has an incredible vault.  I love that I can trust him completely.

Nations…….Thomas loves God’s work around the world.  It doesn’t matter who or where- he loves to hear about whats going on.  He loves to travel and loves the travel channel…. This Christmas, I was wrapping his gifts….and I realized that all he asked for were books…..and most of them were about how God loves the people of the world.  seriously like 11 books.

Vision……Thomas leads our family with incredible vision.  I love that he listens to God and brings us along.  He is the family’s biggest cheerleader.  This fall, He sensed that we needed to sell our house, here in Mansfield.  Throughout the whole experience, Thomas has been a great leader and has kept me sane!

Daddy….Grace’s hero is her daddy.  She consistently draws pictures of her daddy with one hair.  It is very adorable.  Nate lights up when Thomas is home, the bet is still on when Naters will walk.  Thomas is teaching both kids how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano.  The sweet thing: I had to teach him how to play it first.  🙂 I love that he learns things to teach things.  A father’s love is so important….glad and thankful that my kids get to experience something great.

Hubby….. If anything ever happens to Thomas, I will need someone to load my iPOD.  I’ve never had to do it.  I’m pretty independent, but when it comes to technology, I love pioneering it.  I’m thankful for a hubby who takes care of me and brings me into the 21st century.  Thomas asked me to marry him on “arlington beach” in 2001.  We’ve been married 9 years this summer.  We’ve witnessed amazing miracles, survived family drama, buried dear friends and family, met our children, helped to start a church, prayed and counseled, received lots of prayer and counsel…. All I can say is that it’s been amazing and I look forward to the future adventures!

Glad he was born and honored to be his family!


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