the Charity of Clarity

Thomas once told me that he used to eat carrots all the time so that his vision would improve….  Well, I don’t know how many carrots you have to eat to get 20/20, but we’re working on it…  Sight is a gift.  The ability to see and process images is amazing. Spiritual sight is also a gift.  No one knew that better then Saul- who while on his way to beat up on some Christians had a face to face encounter with Jesus.  Saul lost his eyesight on the Road to Damascus.  God used this to bring about a HUGE change in Saul’s heart. Not only did Saul stop persecuting the followers of Christ, he became a follower, fan, and ended up becoming an amazing servant used by God. God had charity and Saul turned to Paul.  The physical and spiritual blindness was healed.  You can read this amazing story in Acts 9.  As a side note- I forget that God can do this stuff.  He can cut to the chase/bring sight in an instant.  He can breathe life into anything.  So….let’s not stop praying for that. He is mighty to save.

My princess alter-ego says that I should know what is next in life.  If I am smart and clever enough, I can use my foresight and intuition to know whats going to happen.  I have swallowed the lie that prophecy can belong to the person and I have watched this abused more than once.  When we truly believe that we have the right to see around the corner and to be privileged to know what is next… a word: dangerous.    My very wise mother reminded me that only God has complete clarity.  And WHEN HE CHOOSES to give me clarity about what is next….it is charity.  Remember Eve?  She ate from the tree of knowledge….maybe she wanted to know how many kids they were gonna have, or how the whole “no belly button” thing was going to play out.  Did she get clarity or knowledge? A big fat no.  She cost them the garden, the future, and caused some major child-birth pains for future generations.  🙂 thanks eve.

So two things: charity simply means love, compassion, and mercy on an undeserving subject.  Clarity simply means understanding.  I am learning that I don’t always get clarity.  But the charity of the cross of Christ is more than enough for me.  Because of Christ’s overwhelming charity towards me, I can trust Him, not lean on my own understanding, and in all my ways acknowledge Him.  When clarity comes, it is for His purposes and perfect plans…it’s always a gift to be used for God’s glory.  I am recommitting not to go looking for clarity (which translates to not worrying about tomorrow).

This is the day that the Lord has made and I’ll be glad and rejoice in the “blessed whatevers”.

One Response to “the Charity of Clarity”
  1. Kari says:

    Such a good reminder- we are so conditioned by society and human nature to always want to be in control and have the perfect plan for the future.

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