the God we can know

So today I had a few precious hours to run errands without my chillens.  I ended up at the mall with the rash decision to go into Toni and Guy and see if anyone had a spare hour or two to clean up my neglected hair (sorry Misty- you rock).  I ended up talking with a sweet young lady there.  She “cleaned” me up and we got to talking about dental hygiene.  She was interested in using her insurance and wanted to make an appointment to get her teeth cleaned.  She asked if I liked my job and I told her yes! I work for the best dentist in the world who is honest and that can be a rarity these days.  So the subject turned to honesty.  We both agreed that this is a most important attribute especially in the dental world.  While we were talking, I kept thinking that this girl….hmmm….there is something about her…I started to half-pray/ half-think about how she responded to my statements.  Then, I dropped it.  Enjoying my zoned-out time I started asking her if she liked to read.  That subject led her to ask, “so where do you go to church?”… much for my covertly casual conversations.  I was glad to tell her about my church…we had a great chat about it.  I asked her what her God-story was.  She gave me a devastatingly blank look followed by her story of being forced to go to church as a child and that she was raised Christian.  She also shamefully mentioned that she knew she should go to church and do the right thing…..

My heart broke for this girl.  I turned to her and Christ’s love compelled me to look right into her eyes. (which is always uncomfortable)  My response (totally God’s words through me) :

“Church is great but it is not the beginning or the end of goodness.  God wants you to know Him and connect with Him.  Good deeds in place of knowing the living God is the difference between a soul that is dead and one that is alive.  I hope that good news takes the pressure off of you achieving goodness.  Church can help you know where to start and can help introduce you to people who know God well and will reach out to you….BUT don’t miss knowing God!  He is where life begins and He is the only One who can satisfy the longing and depth of your soul.”

After my awkwardly truthful speech, the young girl looked at me and said, “OK.  Where is this church?  I want to come.”  I wished she said, “Who is this God?”  I know….baby steps….oh well… She’ll be at Connect on a Sunday soon….So thankful for my sweet church because I know that when she and her rockin piercings, tatts, and pink hair walks in- she will be embraced and I know there is a group of partners there that will pick up where I left off… because of Christ’s love and healing… It was great to experience God’s POWERFUL love for her today…He is the God we can know!


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