Shape(ing) part dos

our little burlap house










what God has done here has been extraordinary.

Shape (ing) part II

Several months ago I wrote about our family’s journey to sell our home.   After much thought and prayer, Thomas and I decided that downsizing (at the least) was what we needed to do for a variety of reasons, mainly being that God asked us.  This “adventure” came with more sacrifices and difficulty than we thought which we are totally learning that’s usually the case.  While asking God what was next, we stayed with my parents at their home in Arlington.  We loved getting to spend time with them over the last 6 months and strong bonds were formed between them and our children!

During these past few months, God has been so faithful to help us sort out what He has asked and I’m happy to report, we’ve gotten to know our God better through the process. (which is always the point of life…right? …to know God better…and to make Him known) He has been our counselor, provider, joy, shield, and peace.

As I finish this post that I started way too long ago….it’s raining for the first time since we’ve lived here….CRAZY!  I love the rain against these skylights…it sounds beautiful.  Did I mention that this new place we live is AWESOME!  It has two pear trees…fruit bearing trees are significant to us these days…AND it has some amazing adventure spots for the kids to use their imaginations.  The future is gonna go like this: “mom, I’m bored.” Me: “go outside and use your imagination”….  We call it the “burlap” house because it’s simple, durable, functional….lovely qualities we hope to reflect…except for the itchiness…

I’m thinking that these make a great environment for growing up:

  1. a low house payment so that parents can be present with their kiddos
  2. a great outdoor space for pirateering and castle building
  3. different nations represented on the street…my favorite
  4. neighborhood kids that come over to play…eat cookies…and make crafts…

All of the above are shaping our family in this new home and we are so grateful to experience the blessings of following God…It was worth the wait!

our "organic green" kitchen

lovin my street!!

One Response to “Shape(ing) part dos”
  1. Jennifer Sommerville says:

    Love your journey, and your “organic” kitchen:)

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