Today, I woke up extremely excited because my sweet husband is coming home after a ten day trip.  He was MISSED! Especially by his little girl, who asked for him each morning.  Nathan woke up first and after a few minutes of snuggle time was ready for his milk and Cheerios.  Grace woke up slightly late, mainly because she and I had a giggle fest until way late last night. The Routine: potty.breakfast bar.beanbag chair.mickeymouse clubhouse….If anything is off, there will be tears and fits of rage.  Like clockwork, as soon as Mickey is over Grace asks if we can paint.  My response this morning was no, we get to go to church today! Grace hooped and hollered and ran to her room to dress herself.  After getting Nathan ready, I threw on some clothes and a lot of eye make-up so that no one would comment on how tired I look :)…works like a charm and now you know my secret…Grace was looking great with her summer frock and two pairs of panties.

My coffee maker is broken…so this has been a long week.  After loading the kids in the car, I reconcile that I will have such a better attitude if I have coffee, so we swing by Starbucks on the way to church. YUM.

Grace is excited to get to church and on the way there, she asked if we were going to the “new church”.  I had forgotten that I told her that this was Connect’s first sunday at the new building.  YES Baby!! She is thrilled even though she has no clue what new church means….she knows if it’s new it’s gonna be grrrreat!

This is a red-letter day for Connect.  We are meeting outside in the parking lot due to some construction delays.  I pull up to the church, a little nervous because I have two small toddlers who if given the opportunity would dive in front of a car.  So, I pull up get out and 3 precious people offer to help.  I’m thinking Thank You Lord. And I LOVE this place.  We make our way to the worship area, marked off with “CAUTION” tape…hilarious… and get the kids settled.  The service was amazing.  Hundreds of people thanking God for this new place.  Kids and Parents worshiping God together.  I’m thinking: Thank You Lord.  The message was waiting on the Lord during uncertainty.  How does God always know what I need to hear?  Oh yeah, He’s God.  I’m thinking: Thank You Jesus.

Afterwards, everyone was invited to tour the building.  I’m always amazed at the different conversations I get to have with my church family.  Some are about work, home, and children.  Some are off the cuff, casual and hilarious.  Other conversations are 5 minute deep-in-your-soul kind of conversations.  I talked to a dear friend about Jesus being my ALL-sufficient source this week.  I talked to a friend about his job in Vegas. (jealous of that:).  I met a new friend who is torn about his son turning away from the Lord.  We are going to go to our Lord and Saviour about that one.  One of my sweet young friends (she is 10) gave me a BIG hug and told me that this week, she invited Jesus into her heart.  She wanted to follow Him. PRECIOUS moment.  I’m thinking: Thank You Lord.

In the midst of all these great conversations, I lose Grace…not good, especially in a construction site.  Note to self- just make her ride in the stroller no matter what she says… She is found.

I’m thinking: Thank You Lord.

This place of new beginnings, I treasure these memories and can’t wait to build new ones.  Jesus Christ is our foundation.  He must always be.  I’m learning that when we make community or relationships #1, God will intervene and remind us not to worship any other.  But, when we enjoy it as God’s precious gift, it is beautiful…something I’m learning from a Holy God who loves me too much to see me make anything other than Him my #1.  What a gift to receive God’s love today.  Me and my toddlers were loved and taken care of.  Hopefully others felt the same.

I’m thinking: Thank You Lord.


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