Waiting in the Polka-Dotted Lawn Chair

This was the second morning that daddy was home and it was like the day after Christmas for Grace…  you know that day…you are a little more organized with HOW you are going to play with your new toys, and the joy is still fresh.  Anyways, Grace is still fresh with excitement that her daddy is home.  She is almost three now, but has a vocabulary of a 30 year old.  She is my “mighty conversationalist”.  With daddy home, Grace has proceeded with life and is incredibly happy.

This morning we got up and did our routine.  Thomas went to take a shower and to get ready for work.  Grace followed him into the bathroom with her polka-dotted lawn chair.  She proceeds to set up the lawn chair right there in the bathroom.  pause.. i’m laughing so hard right now… ok, play.  So, I walk around the corner to find her and there she is with her lawn chair…sitting…relaxing…she looks up and says, “Hi mom.  I’m waiting on daddy.”  “Oh”, I say.  “Why don’t you leave Daddy alone for a minute, come get ready for school.”  Her response, “No thank you.”  (at least she disobeys respectfully) “I’ll just wait right here.”

I did manage to get her out of the bathroom and the morning continued to be delightful…Lots of laughter, silliness, and playtime.  Lots of hugs.  Daddy left for work (to go work on her “new church”) and the kids went to preschool.

I am left to manage my weekly 6 hours of alone time.  What should I do?  This time is precious and I better make it count!  We just moved and Grace’s room needs organized.  The guest bathroom is still torn to sheds.  I have 8 loads of laundry waiting.  The backyard needs help.  Oh, and there is the resale children’s clothes that need organizing.  I need to sign up for the CE course at Baylor Dental.  My list is endless.

I’ve been going through a book called “Walking with God” with a group of ladies.  We were challenged to really ask God, “What would you have me do today?”  This morning, God reminded me of that. I sit down with my coffee (thank you Jesus, my parents brought over a coffee maker).  I looked at my list and asked Him., “What would You have me do today?”  He said, “Just sit. Wait.  Kinda like your daughter did today.”  Oh, How I wanted to have Grace’s same anticipation and enthusiasm…to speak and interact with her father! Unfortunately, I was drawn to look down at my “list”.  God said to me, “Rachael, put your list and your phone away, beloved.”

I finally did.  Two and a half hours later….I had read through Hosea (God’s story of redemption in a stubborn people…me)….He led me to confess some unforgiveness, pride, hurtful words….And freedom starts to settle my soul…. He leads me through a series of Psalms 130, 133, 141…

“I will wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I put my hope.  I put my hope in Your Unfailing Love.” Ps 130:5

I continue to pray and thank the Lord Jesus for His direction, His forgiveness, His provision of Himself.  He absolutely knew my soul needed rest after a long ten days…after several long years, frankly…

“I didn’t get anything done today, Lord.”… I sort of whine to the Lord.   And He immediately responds to me with this verse:              “I delight in the well-being of my servants”  Psalm 35:27

Wow. Speechless.

My thoughts: God knows each of us deeply. AND, what we really need is not a mystery to Him.  Most of the time, I just really need to be with Him.  Interact with Him.  I need Jesus more and more these days…. You know what I’m talking about?  I can’t even list all the reasons why….Like the song says, I’m prone to wander and give my worship and devotion to countless others…And since wandering always ends in disaster and depression….I renounced my personal idols again this morning.

On a lighter note, my only regret for the day is that I don’t have a pink polka-dot chair to sit in.  Maybe I’ll make one and put it on Pinterest. 🙂  No I won’t.  There are still 100 things on my to-do list!!  I had to write about all this because I don’t want to forget this precious morning.  What a gift from Jesus Christ.  And hopefully, this account will encourage you to spend time with this Most-Personal, Most-Holy, Most-Amazing God.

7 Responses to “Waiting in the Polka-Dotted Lawn Chair”
  1. Helen says:

    Your Mom shared this and it was a blessing and challenge. Very neat for me after finally meeting you in person on Friday.

    • rachaelrobeson says:

      thanks helen, it was great to meet u. thanks for always being such an encouragement to my mom. i’m so thankful for you.

  2. PawPaw says:

    Dear daughter
    So — you know & experienced being treasured by The Father this morning – you bless us all for sharing those moments. We are all His treasure – we so rarely bask in it
    Love you so much

  3. Natale says:

    loved this story!!

  4. rachaelrobeson says:

    Reblogged this on rachaelrobeson and commented:

    Our emotional well-being is forever linked to quality time with our Father. Truth!

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