the Story of B

One of the greatest opportunities of living in a new place is all the new people we have met.
This weekend, I’d like to introduce to you B. B is 8 years old and she lives at the bottom of the hill on our street. She has short blonde hair and wears the same faded sparkling purple Airwalks. No socks. She can do some amazing tricks on her purple and pink bike. I would say she spends at least 80 hours a week on that bike.

B serves to be the neighborhood watch.  She gave us the “down-low” on the entire neighborhood…warning us about that house and this house. “O yeah, and somebody died in that house over there, you don’t want to go in there.” “O.K. thanks.”, I say with a half-smile. This kid is hilarious.
When we were moving in, B came over everyday to check on the progress. She likes to be updated. She graciously offered to unpack all the boxes for us so that we could go ahead and get settled. 🙂  She was there for every beginning event….I wanted to ask her where her parents were!! But, I didn’t.
Grace and Nathan think she’s wonderful. They see her everyday and she usually ends up eating dinner with us. Then she plays, eats an apple, has a drink, and goes outside to pet our cat, Minnie.
Now that school has started, B gives me an update on if she got her folder signed at school. (you remember, that is how they discipline now.  you get a folder signed… what? no lashes?)  Anyways, she updates me, then we talk about it.
On a side note, I just finished reading “the Help” and I love the nanny’s (Abigail) statement, “You are smart. You are beautiful. You are important.”I am totally copying it with B. Especially now.  I learn that her parents don’t really hang out with her very much.  They seem like nice people, but she is left alone with her 25 year old half-brother all the time.  Her parents spend a majority of their time at the bar, riding motorbikes, going on trips…. and B is on my street. alone. hanging out. 8 years old.

I always tell B that I love her and I give her a hug. She went from seriously uncomfortable to hugging me first and telling me that she loves me back. (victory).

Before we even moved in, B asked if she could some live with us.  I thought she was joking.  She wasn’t.  She doesn’t ask to live with us anymore, but she did spend the night last night.  I couldn’t tell her no.  So, she went to Duke’s birthday party and then to Mimi’s house, then home and bedtime.  B was in heaven.  Later that night, she and I watched Curious George together while Grace fell asleep.  She wanted to sleep in Gracie’s room, because “That is where I feel safe”.

All night long worship songs play over my children.  B asked, “why??”.  I told her that songs about Jesus and His love take our fears away and help us rest.  She looked at me and said, “I need that.”

This morning, I woke up to rain and three happy kids.  “WE get to go to church today!!!”  After waffles and mainly syrup, we all got ready and pulled up to church.  We haven’t officially moved into our new building yet, so the kids all sat together with me.  We sang songs and listened to “Unca Mart peach”.  On the way home B thanked me profusely for letting her come with us this weekend.  Then she asked if she could spend the night tonight too. 🙂 I looked at her and she said, “well, maybe not.”  I’m so thankful for our weekend together.  I’m glad that she experienced someone singing over her.

My response:  What a gift to see God bring this beautiful child into our lives.  I recognize that she operates as though she has been a nuisance her whole life rather than a blessing.  I don’t want to ever treat her or any child like an annoyance! She was made by God and she is a person of value.  I hope she learns kindness.  I hope she continues to meet Christ in my home and walks with Him the rest of her life.  Her story continues each day.

There is a B in your life.  Ask God to show you who then love her or him unconditionally. Always unto Jesus.

One Response to “the Story of B”
  1. Natale says:

    Am praying for your love and influence on B and her family. She is a sweetie and reading this breaks my heart for her!! love you!!!

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