Tis So Sweet

A few months ago I wrote about a young lady that I met at the mall. She cut my hair at Tony and Guy and we ended up having a soul-deep convo about God. (He is the God that we can know.) http://wp.me/p1d5Vk-1J

I’m pleased to say that four months later, this young lady is still on an incredible journey to know God. I’ve gotten to be apart.  She comes over every Wednesday, welcomed by my naked children running around like hooligans after bathtime.

We have been studying the Word together as well as going through a book called, “Walking with God”.  At our first meeting, she came in with her Precious Moments Bible….we’ve already come a long way.  We got her a Quest Study Bible (thanks dad). She’s been faithfully reading it.
Tonight we had dinner and it was a blessing. It blessed me to hear about what new things she is learning about Christ- she’s reading through Luke right now.  She told me that God is becoming her all- where it used to be other things.  She is trusting Him and listening to Him.  I asked her what she prays about.  She said that mostly, she asks God to give her understanding when she reads His Word.
Towards the end of our dinner, she looked me in the eyes and thanked me for showing her Christ and helping her learn to read the Word and pray. What a gift.
I looked back at her and said, “Oh my God, He loves you so much.” We cried a little.
In the background of this….I’ve been fighting a cynical, disbelieving tendency. I’ve been praying for myself about that.  Tonight- God blew that out of the water. He is the God we can know. And He is speaking to people….He is binding up the broken-hearted. He is bringing renewal to those that humble themselves and seek His face.  I marvel at the wisdom He is bringing to this young one….(wow).

“Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. just to take Him at His Word. Just to rest upon His promise, just to know- thus says the Lord. Jesus! Jesus! How I trust Him. How I’ve proved Him over and over. Jesus Jesus Precious Jesus, all for grace to Trust Him More. ”       (Love that Louisa Steed and her fabulous 1882 lyrics.)

So I pray and I ask for patience.  Listen and Ask questions.   I was reminded tonight that people seek the Living God.  May they find Him.  May others know Him by our Love.


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