Christian Apologetics for Age 3

No one really prepares you for parenthood and the crazy conversations…

We were on our way to church yesterday morning when Grace (who just turned 3) asked me if we could pray for church.  I turned down the VeggieTales CD, “Sure honey, let’s pray right now for church.” (In my head I’m thinking, ‘how nice, she wants to pray for people at church.'” I started to pray and Grace interrupted, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Mama, we can’t pray in the car.”  “Of course we can pray in the car!  God is always with us and is always listening to our prayers.”

I felt that the matter was settled, so I turned Bob the Tomato back on when Grace pipes in, “Mom, God is not here.  I can’t see ’em.”  I pulled a Billy Graham and said, “Well Grace, we can’t see the wind but we see the effects of the wind.”  She responds with, “Mom, I think that baby Jesus just got blown away by the wind cause I don’t see ’em!”

After stifling a major belly-laugh I responded with, “No Grace.  Jesus made the wind.  He can tell it where to go. Jesus is the boss of the wind. We can’t see Jesus or God, but we know they are there. ” One day, I’ll have the words to describe faith….in the meantime, we discuss.   I love her questions.  I have no doubt that in God’s perfect timing, He will help Gracie understand.  I’m so thankful for this scripture:

the Lord’s patience gives people time to be saved.   2 Peter 3:15

Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?   Romans 2:4

When I was disconnected from God, I was locked into self-reliance. I could make it on my own!  🙂 God had incredible mercy on me. And,  He continues to grow my faith in Him.  Trust and belief in His Word continues to be strengthened through hard times and joyful times.  Careful study and search for Truth has led me to believe and become even more grateful for His patience.  So, I pray that in His mercy, God will reveal Himself to sweet Gracie and to my precious friends.  Oh Lord! Please don’t  become weary of us hard-headed , strong-willed people!


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