Nugget for Today

I’m sitting here multitasking: Grace and our neighbor, B are painting. Thomas Jr (Nate) is still in his PJ’s. VeggieTales is blasting and I’ve got two different shoes on because I can’t find a pair of shoes. The kids and I were just outside and I realized that I shouldn’t be wearing shorts today for multiple reasons- so here we are…inside- painting and watching TV.
While the kids are playing I’m cleaning, reading, and drinking coffee. I’m praying for tonight- we’ve got some dear friends coming over for dinner and I’m anxious to hear of their adventures. I’m praying that I’ll listen and hear something new, something hopeful about where they just returned from.  And to be honest, I hope that those chicken enchiladas I made from memory are good…I really should actually look up recipes instead of pretending I can remember.
I just got a text from Toni and Guy girl and she has a prospect of a new job- praising the Lord.
B just asked me if she could spend the night.
I’m scheduled to help lead worship tomorrow, so I’m thinking that through, praying for our church, and praying for our worship time together.
And it’s only 10:30 am!!

With all these things running around in my head and distractions I have received this amazing gift.
The gift is a little nugget of truth- John 8:11
In between this morning’s chaos, I’m reading a book about a guy coming out of a sinful life. I was hoping it would help me understand and pray for my friends better. He’s telling his story and his church experience…. He had two experiences with church- one group of Christians condemned him and gave him no hope of redemption or change. They made fun of the things that he secretly struggled with. This resulted in him hiding his sin. He got tired of not being himself- so he left. A few years later, another group did not condemn him and gave him license to do whatever he wanted as long as he “loved God and loved people”- (using only what we want from scripture is always dangerous). He indulged in every act he wanted, regardless of biblical laws.

He experienced both church groups. Both led to shackles and virtually no relationship with God.
One day, he lands on the scripture, John 8:11. Jesus says to the woman at the well (who had a crazy, sin-filled past) “I don’t condemn you, go and sin no more.”
The author goes on to share how this Word from Christ radically changed his life. The equal importance of both statements!

I put the book down, “wow”
I’m thinking, I want to be like Jesus.
It reminds me of my pastor’s talk these past few weeks. He has been talking about how God has laws, but first- He desires a relationship with us. His laws are always meant to preserve our lives and we get to benefit by this preservation.
Psalms119:92- “If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished from my affliction.”
So beautiful.
I’m thinking of what it means to be like Jesus and His statement in John 8:11. It’s gonna change how I pray.
Jesus’ love has led me to repentance. His patience allowed me to be ready to hear Him. He does this miracle in our hearts- Isn’t God good to us?
One action apart from the other doesn’t work. It’s not supposed to. We need BOTH! God knows that we need forgiveness (no condemnation) and we need to change some stuff (preservation).

Beautiful stuff and I had to share.  Kids are about to paint the walls..gotta go…


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