Conquering “the Pharisee within”

I started re-reading one of my favorite books today.  I’ve been reading this little yellow book since 1998- in every major season of life- I find myself re-reading it.  I say favorite, but it’s really just a major-necessity sort of book. You see, I’m trying to beat the dragons of drama and discontent that keep creeping up on me…really nasty attitudes and a critical spirit at times…. and these words of truth are like medicine to my heart!  Apart from the Bible, this book has meant the most to my walk with God.   It’s teaching has allowed me to know Him deeper, love others more deeply, and it has increased my ability to trust in the Lord with all.  It continues to help me conquer “the Pharisee within”.  Here’s a few Gems…

*Nothing can cure you of the desire to receive honor from men, or the sensitivity and pain and anger which comes when it is not given, except giving yourself to seek only the glory that comes from God. Let the glory of the ALL-Glorious God mean EVERYTHING to you!  THEN, you will be freed from the glory of men and self, and be content and glad to be nothing.  Out of this nothingness you will grow strong in faith, giving glory to God.  You will find that the deeper you sink into humility before Him, the nearer He is to fulfill every desire of your faith. (wow)

*As health expels disease, as light swallows up darkness, as life conquers death, the indwelling of Christ through the Spirit is the health and light and life of the soul.  But with this, the conviction of our helplessness and danger always tempers our faith in this momentary and unbroken action of the Holy Spirit, giving us a chastened sense of dependence and making faith and joy the handmaids of humility.  This humility lives only by the grace of God.

History of Pride-

*All the wretchedness of which this world has been the scene has its origin in what this cursed, hellish pride, either our own, or that of others, has brought us.  All wars and bloodshed among the nations, all selfishness and suffering all ambitions and jealousies, all broken hearts and embittered lives, with all the daily unhappiness, are a result of this same wicked pride.

(this makes the argument that studying this flaw and the directions to overcome it is essential!)

*The chief mark of counterfeit holiness is it’s lack of humility.  Every seeker after holiness needs to be on his guard, so that unconsciously, what was begun in the Spirit is not perfected in the flesh, and pride does not creep in where it’s presence is least expected.

*Even though the words, “I am not as other men” are rejected and condemned, their spirit may too often be found in our feelings and language toward our fellow-worshipers and fellow-men.  If you want to know if this is really so, just listen to the way in which churches and Christians often speak to one another.  How little of the meekness and gentleness of Jesus is to be seen.  It is so little remembered that deep humility must be the keynote of what the servants of Jesus say of themselves or each other. Men and women who are counted “saints” have been touchy, act hasty, impatient with each other, defensive, make self-assertions and sharp judgements, use unkind words, and they do not esteem others better then themselves.

What does it mean?

*May God teach us that our thoughts and words and feelings concerning our fellow-men are His test of our humility toward Him. Come let us flee to Jesus, hide ourselves in Him until we are clothed with His humility…that alone is our holiness!

*Deep humility before God becomes the holy place of His presence from which all its words and works proceed.


*Humility is simply the disposition which prepares the soul for living on trust.  And every, even the most secret breathing of pride- in self-seeking, self-will, self confidence, or self-exaltation- is just the strengthening of that self which cannot enter into the Kingdom or possess the things of the Kingdom, because it refuses to allow God to be what He is and must be- the All in All.

Humility was written by Andrew Murray (1828-1917)

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