Our emotional well-being is forever linked to quality time with our Father. Truth!


This was the second morning that daddy was home and it was like the day after Christmas for Grace…  you know that day…you are a little more organized with HOW you are going to play with your new toys, and the joy is still fresh.  Anyways, Grace is still fresh with excitement that her daddy is home.  She is almost three now, but has a vocabulary of a 30 year old.  She is my “mighty conversationalist”.  With daddy home, Grace has proceeded with life and is incredibly happy.

This morning we got up and did our routine.  Thomas went to take a shower and to get ready for work.  Grace followed him into the bathroom with her polka-dotted lawn chair.  She proceeds to set up the lawn chair right there in the bathroom.  pause.. i’m laughing so hard right now… ok, play.  So, I walk around the corner to find…

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