Infertility:: 3 things to ask God for

This morning, more than one woman took a pregnancy test (hoping) to find it say something other than “negative”.  Disappointed, she gathers herself together and resolves that it just wasn’t meant to be.  Her husband thinks that maybe he should invest in the pregnancy test company stock…wisely keeping that to himself.  He does his best to comfort his wife…  Maybe next time.  (sigh)

Countless couples are facing the burden of infertility and unless you’ve been there, it can be hard to identify and encourage.  What your struggling friends want you to know:  DON’T try to make it better.  You can’t.  What your struggling friends want and need is your prayer time on their behalf.  Friend, family member or yourself: this struggle can be an opportunity to pray like you’ve never prayed before.  Here are 3 things to (boldly) ask God for:

Hope heals us like nothing else.  Hope  is trust in being fulfilled. It’s been said that hope is our endurance and the anchor for our soul (beautiful Charlie Hall song)  and that it can be found at the core of a healthy soul.  There is a constant battle going on and a huge temptation to turn away from Hope. (especially when the journey is long)

  • Hope from God is lasting, true, available. It’s the medicine to treat a bitter heart and it never disappoints.  God, ________needs your Hope.   Come Great Physician and heal. (Romans 5:5) (Matt 9:22)
  • God, we’re asking for a renewed trust in You.  Fulfill.  Satisfy like only You can.   Your mighty and gentle hands can remind ______ that you are trustworthy and you desire to walk through this trial with them. (Psalms 115)
  • God, since you are the source of hope,  COMPLETELY  fill ________ with joy and peace because they put their trust in you.  (Romans 15:13)

Joy strengthens us like nothing else.  Joy is the emotion of well-being. Happiness is circumstance-based.  But Joy.  But Joy. But JOY……But Joy abides where Jesus Christ dwells.  (wow 1 chron 16:27)  Scripture also says the Joy that comes from God is POWERFUL….. It can wreck the bitter heart.  It can wrestle the question of why.  It can make sense out of chaos.  It lends to a quiet abiding trust.  On the flip-side;  Bitterness can invade, divide, and conquer the heart.  The longer the wait, the more prone to wander.  “God is not working for me.  God has left the building and He doesn’t see me.”   Since  “negative Nancy” is a frequent voice in the head of someone battling infertility-   It can NOT be welcomed!  (shun)

  • Invite the Joy of the Lord to wreck the negativity against the circumstance or the ideas of failure and punishment. (Psalm 119:37)
  • Return to the Joy of salvation.  God, let ________focus on Your goodness and character. (psalm 51:12)
  • Joy in the midst of sorrow is powerful worship.  Pray for worship, prayer life and scripture reading.  It literally kicks Satan’s butt.  (Book of Job)  Protect __________ against bitterness or jealousy.
  • Strength and the power of God…. ask for these to spring forth in JOY. (Isaiah 54:1)

Vision from God is like nothing else.   Vision is for the future. Do we adopt?  Do we consider drugs and expensive procedures?  How long do we try?  More questions then answers can drive people and their marriages CRAZEE…..  God wants to give us a future (an awesome one at that).  Proverbs 23:18 says, “There is a future hope for you.  Your hope will not be cut off.”

  • Ask for specific visions of the future that do not focus on whether or not the outcome is what is desired. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • Pray ______ to see the rest they can find in the Father’s arms. Protect their marriage relationship. (Psalms 27:4)
  • Ask for God’s wisdom for the future and the patience to wait for His voice. (Isaiah 30:18)

God cares about infertility.  He writes about it A BUNCH in scriptures.  Every single time, the story is about yielding, trusting, and walking WITH God through it. Let the prayers Rise UP. 

God bless with Hope, Joy, and Vision.

3 Responses to “Infertility:: 3 things to ask God for”
  1. Reblogged this on dreamingofmotherhood and commented:
    Wow this is so inspirational. It is so sad how many of us that deal with this there actually is. We are so blessed to have a God that loves us. I will strive to be more patient. 🙂

  2. I think the number one thing we should pray for in this journey is that it be for His honor and glory. I often feel myself wanting to give up, not just on having a child but on God. I know I cannot do that. He called me to do a great work for Him and even though I don’t have a vision of exactally what that vision is just yet know He will be honored and glorified if I stay my course. It’s not easy. When the pain is so deep I don’t even want to face it at all I just ask Him to move me aside and shine His light into my journey, *hugs*

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