the goddess of ten thousand key chains

Olde Collections.          

What did you collect as a kid?  Every trip, every birthday, and each celebration was cause to get one more____________.  Shelves and shelves full.  Pez dispensers?  Troll dolls, anyone? Maybe really lame tea sets?  (confession)  Guys- video games, Garfield, Nerf guns, and Swiss Army knives, right?  Ladies- Caboodles, Puff-Painted gear, maybe throw in a BFF broken heart necklace…(awesome)   Crazy childhood memory:  One of the most impressive collections I knew of was a friend (probably reading this and hopefully laughing at this random memory) who had around ten thousand keychains.  We’re talking floor to ceiling here.  Each one was special, unique, and represented a great memory. Understandably, SHE WAS EXTREMELY SERIOUS about these key chains.  Each one was neatly displayed by thumb tack on cork board around her room.  My sister and I would stare in awe.  We would stare and covet and plan how we would copy this “grand collection”.   We bowed down before the mighty display (and the goddess) of  KEY CHAINS.

Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating.  (you get the point)

New Collections.

Today, we are much more sophisticated with our “Collections”.  These “Collections” can be physical (things), relational (people) or even stored in our mind (thoughts and memories).  Not a bad thing.  But what are we doing with these “Collections” ?  Do you ever wish you could go back and ask yourself, “what were you thinking?”  “why the heck are you collecting this?””don’t waste anymore thoughts, time or money!”  (I mean I can’t BELIEVE the boxes of Gone with the Wind stuff I have in my attic aren’t satisfying me anymore!) What a shame.

Recently, I was pointed to a really cool story in the book of Exodus.  Here is the scene:  The Israelites had been captive for many many generations in Egypt.  When they were finally allowed to leave, Pharoah tries hard to stop them.  Once God rescues them, they have no water.  God provides water, then they are hungry.  Once they have eaten, they want direction.  (They are forming a nice Collection of experiences here).  Anyways, one day, Moses goes off to be alone and speak with God, and he happens to be gone for a long time.  The Israelites, known as “God’s people”  FREAK OUT.  Fear. Restlessness. What if God doesn’t come through this time?

The people start a Collection. 

The Israelites gathered all the silver and gold among them.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, goblets.  Their “Collection” is melted down to fashion, “the Calf”.  It’s a physical thing to behold, worship, pay homage to, spend time with.  A beautiful golden Calf.  Why?  Did they need something more than the God of Moses?  Did they need more convincing?  Was this idol meant to give a sense of security?  Maybe they desired a god they could see.  A god they might trust…  A god that would make things clear, perhaps? A god to give them answers- (in a more timely fashion).

Stuff. (Physical)

So going back to the “Collection” of gold and silver that the Israelites had.  Where did the gold and silver come from?  These precious metals were actual gifts from God to His Israelite people.  THATS CRAZY!  Think about this:  the Israelites used the “Collection” that God had given them to make themselves a new “god”.

We do this everyday.

Experience. (Mental)

Remember that the Israelites were experience-rich people.  They had been through A LOT!  If they focused on their experiences, fears, concerns, need-to-know-everything-now, maybe they lost focus on the one true God….that had ALREADY saved them several times.  Oh how we forget.


I love my friends.  Adore them.  It can be easy to take them for granted OR expect them to be more than they are.  It’s easy to talk it through and vent rather then go to the Father and read His Words.  At least it seems easier.  Way too often, people talk about each other.  Nothing ever good comes from that-  We huff and puff and imagine and project.  It’s like we are forming and “collecting” little idols of distraction with dissension as a nice side item to the main course.  We use the gift of community and make something else for ourselves, which ironically pulls us apart.

History proves that idols don’t work.  Those that worshiped false gods were destroyed.

Love and Wrath.

Tempted to hang onto an idol because it’s what keeping you alive?  People do it all the time.  Renown psychologists all over the world will tell you that anger and bitterness is often what holds a person together.

And still, God meets us where we are at and says,

“Rise up out of that.”

“I paid for that.”

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

“You will have no other gods before me.”

“Come follow me.”

What are you collecting?  None is more precious than Christ’s work on your behalf~ dwell on His goodness, love, forgiveness.  Let the King wreck your collections…don’t miss the opportunity for joy and life abundant.

God has His creation’s best interest at heart: We need Him to be our only God.

3 Responses to “the goddess of ten thousand key chains”
  1. esztertun says:

    Beautiful! I’m glad to have found your blog. 🙂

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