Under the Umbrella

I’ve always thought of Grace as an umbrella. (a mini-shelter and oh so purposeful)  It shields, protects, and covers during the storm...

Years ago, my husband and I traveled to a Muslim country.  We were young, newly married, and excited to share in adventure together.  We wanted to experience Asia and to take everything in.  Part of our culture-training was to observe and respect the people and be willing to adapt.  So…no left handed gestures and no “type A” women.  What?!!!  This “boisterous” lady found it difficult to keep my eyes down, my long skirt and sleeves on, and talking to a minimum.  By the Grace of God, I kept my head and eyes down, my body fully covered, and talking to a minimum.  (for the sake of respect and the Gospel)

For an entire month, my “quieter” husband had to be “the voice”.   It was beautiful.  Not only did my husband use his voice in this intimidating place, God opened the doors for His Word to be shared and spoken in this land.   Crazy- It took an exercise of stepping back, becoming different for a grander purpose to teach us both.  God blessed our marriage by showing us that whatever He puts before us, if we tackle it as a team and under Grace, it will be a beautiful offering.

For marriage, for the church, for all relationships- mutuality is essential in gospel sharing, discipleship, humility, and generally going further. 

We returned home from Asia and continue to make room for each other to be equal partners in the Gospel. Throughout each day, I sit with hundreds of people under my umbrella- sharing life, grace, hope.  Cheers to mutually making room for mistakes, room for growth, and room for Christ to restore, refine, redeem.

Unto Jesus-

(join the awesome conversation about #mutuality2012 in ministry at Rachel Held Evans blog)

3 Responses to “Under the Umbrella”
  1. Beautifully written… and I would guess, even more beautiful in the living.

  2. Shelley Ford says:

    I love this…thanks for sharing. Very good thoughts for this boisterous lady to ponder…

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