time to read this book again!


I started re-reading one of my favorite books today.  I’ve been reading this little yellow book since 1998- in every major season of life- I find myself re-reading it.  I say favorite, but it’s really just a major-necessity sort of book. You see, I’m trying to beat the dragons of drama and discontent that keep creeping up on me…really nasty attitudes and a critical spirit at times…. and these words of truth are like medicine to my heart!  Apart from the Bible, this book has meant the most to my walk with God.   It’s teaching has allowed me to know Him deeper, love others more deeply, and it has increased my ability to trust in the Lord with all.  It continues to help me conquer “the Pharisee within”.  Here’s a few Gems…

*Nothing can cure you of the desire to receive honor from men, or the sensitivity and pain…

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