Jesus is the Great Connector…the Cross is Proof.

Grace is never a waste. Second chances are never a waste.  The Cross is proof.

Jesus is always on time.

Only Jesus can clean up our souls. The Cross is proof.

Jesus is King in the midst of misunderstanding and lies.  At the end of the day- His truth is still above it all.

Clarity is a gift and it’s worth waiting for.  Cross is proof.

Sincere ministry of our souls happens in the midst of brokenness.  It’s the nature of our Savior.  Cross is proof.

Mercy Mercy Mercy. God is merciful.

Knee jerk reactions are reality but it’s where we land that counts.

Landing in the Word is always the best option.  It’s reliable and trustworthy.

Wisdom from heaven is always available.  He doesn’t hide His face…the Cross is Proof.

We don’t wait on the Lord because:  we don’t want to be misunderstood, we trust not, we’re sinful….then we miss it~

Strength rises when we wait on the Lord.

Jesus loves His Bride more than I could ever imagine.  He created it and He fights for it.

In Christ we know that Goodness and Mercy will follow us all the days of our lives and that we will dwell with Christ in eternity one day.

God’s mercy comes in unexpected and painful ways.  The Cross is proof.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, the Great I am.  He reveals light and truth. He leads and restores.

God can put a new song in our hearts….if we let Him.

He is the Great Connector of lost and broken souls to glorious freedom and purpose…the Cross is proof.

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