Paradox of Haiti.

this was written a few months ago- tells about the history of Haiti. Praying for our group there!


Just spent a week in Haiti.  I’m still processing, but this is the simple, raw version of what I have so far…

Group A and Group B – Before my trip, when I talked to people about Haiti, they either huffed and puffed and listed reasons why it’s a lost cause OR they offered assistance in either prayer or a willingness to go. Group A may be right or cynical.  Group B may be ignorant or compassionate.   After going to Haiti this past week, I am now part of both groups, (hopefully minus the ignorance but plus something greater), henceforth the title of the blog.  I’ve squeezed a few stories in but if you’re curious, ask me in person- I like to use my hands when I talk.

Paradox– a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. (shout out

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