Vulnerable Season Check-list

Vulnerability makes me long for heaven. For Christ to come.  What if He builds it into our lives so that we remain needy?

Let’s Define the State of Vulnerability.





capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon: a vulnerable part of the body.

open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc.: an argument vulnerable to refutation; He is vulnerable to bribery.

(of a place) open to assault; difficult to defend: a vulnerable bridge.


having a baby-buying a house-selling a house-depression-extreme spiritual warfare-persecution-changing jobs-being fired-losing friends-death-facing giants-facing consequences-getting married-big sacrifices-big doubts-big hurts-big disappointments-life-altering news-adopting a child-fostering a child-rebellion of a child-betrayal of a friend-moving overseas-losing favor-change in leadership-starting a business-financial woes-divorce-diagnosis of cancer-fertility treatments-a sick child-losing big-winning big

We can see a range of situations that either push us or lead us into a season of vulnerability.  Some situations are small and we adapt quickly and others are life-changing.  Ok so this is what I know:  #1 According to the stories in Scripture, EVERY single time something BIG went down for God’s glory, a vulnerable season proceeded it.  Example:  Joshua sneaks into the “promised land” and sees the giants they have to conquer…..vulnerable……  David picks out his five smooth stones before facing the nasty giant.  How long did it take him to pick out the stones and what was he thinking while he did it? …..vulnerable…..  Jesus Christ retreats to the desert to pray right before they crucify Him.  He even asks God the Father to “take this cup from me”  …..Yes, the Savior of the World was vulnerable….  #2 Seriously, what an amazing time for God to show off His Glorious muscles.  Remember how He confounds the wisdom of the wise and how He uses the weak to lead the strong? That’s my King.  (Matthew 18 is the incredible must read)  #3  God desires mercy not sacrifice. (nuff said)  #4  He wants to walk through things with me not apart from me.  I must do whatever it takes to remain in Him and not reach for counterfeit gods.

Lift your eyes up.  (Rinse Wash Repeat)

Seasons of vulnerability can mean trusting God for peace in the next step, but we must realize that we are wide open to  attacks.  Deals with the devil can look so beautiful, so reasonable, so right. Satan has a way of trying to redefine who we are according to self, our own desires, and human wisdom. Gross.  And yet, I take the bait way too often…

So it’s the Lion of Judah against the lion that seeks to tear us to pieces.

Jesus was tempted during this season of vulnerability and so are we.  Do you find yourself asking, Will God’s provision be enough?  Can I trust that God will make the signal of what’s next LOUD and CLEAR?  Jesus, can You be my clarity and sanity in the meantime?   How do we guard against falling into the trap of craving security over Christ?


So, this is my prayer check-list.  I’m adding to it daily.

1. Lord, You are my Shepherd.  You are the Good Shepherd.  You are worth following.  One step at a time.  I’m listening.  I’m still.  You are my Rock and everything else is sinking sand.

2.  You will provide.  You always have.  You are the God who sees, my El Roi.

3.  Give me rest.  Give my body, mind and soul rest.

4.  You are the God who protects me.  In the name of Jesus I call out to You for protection from my enemies and my frenemies.  Your Power is this:  …that nations can rise and fall according to Your plans and purposes…that You put the stars in orbit….that you know how many hairs are on my head…that you see the depth of my heart and You love me the same….  Your limitless Power leads me to worship.  You are my Refuge.

5.  Because of Your Great Love, I am not struck down- actually the opposite.  I am forgiven and I’m given a new name- daughter. son. I’m welcomed in.  My identity is You- I have a place.  I am forgiven and free.  You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  You welcome all to the table that looks a lot like a cross.  You can handle my anger and my doubts.  Here they are_____________________.  etc. etc. etc.  🙂

6.  I walk outside and look around at your splendor.  Wow.  You are creative.  I listen to my children laugh.  I look for joy while I am still.  It’s always staring me right in the face.  It’s overwhelming.  It follows me wherever I go.

7.  Goodness, Love, Favor……it comes from You.  You give and take away temporary things- but never ever EVER remove Your goodness, love, and mercy from me.  Blessed be Your Name.

8.  Help me treasure You.  Write Your Words on my heart.  Help me look around and bless others.  I can’t wait to know what You are up too.  I will wait for You.

9.  Tear me down and build me up according to Your Holy Plans.  Let me walk humbly with You.

10.  Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.  I need a constant attitude adjustment. please.

I loathe writing this.  Honestly.  I’ve sat down a thousand times to write this check-list and I fall short of what I need to write.  I started this entry several months ago on behalf of some situations I had been through and learned from…but still, I keep deleting it.  Putting it off.  And now I am back in a vulnerable season of life AGAIN. UGH. SIGH. TEARS.  Alas, (in honor of Brits) Redemption of this post is knowing that this could be useful to my brothers and sisters and translatable across the board. (God have mercy)  OK.  I’m gonna go ahead and say comments are open.  What are the scriptures that have built you up in vulnerable seasons?  // I ask because I believe that as the children of God, we are better together.

//No weapon formed against us shall remain//


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