Soul Preserves// A new Small Business Adventure

This is what up with me right now.


I have a lovely mother, Kathy Bartoo who has dreamed of starting her own company for years.  She has worked in Sales, Restaurant Supply, Coffee Supply, Labeling industry and is an expert at making things work. She’s worked with interesting people all over the world but what she loves most is spending time with her family.  She is passionate about family.  She makes everyone feel at home in her home and delights in welcoming strangers, vagabonds, and seminary students for scrupulous dinners.  I don’t know how she raised a family, supported my father’s ministry, worked full time and still had love to give.  She is a hero.  There were many days I walked in on her studying her Bible- wrestling over it’s truth, promises and hope for all. I Love that heritage.  These days, you can still find her QUICK to remind young mothers that Christ is with them and that they are doing a wonderful job parenting.  I heart my mom. 🙂

I have a lovely sister, Cherie’ Strader that takes lovely pictures.  She has a heart for worship, truth and loves to give mercy to everyone she meets.  She is a walking mercy fountain.  Cherie’ just recently came back from a 2 week photography trip to Zambia, Africa.   There is a pretty special little organization there that is blowing up poverty in the hearts and lives of the little children in Zambia.  Cherie’ had the privilege of working with them in creating  art that will serve to raise money for the projects there.

Then there is me.  I love new ideas and new expressions of timeless truth.  I love to cheer.  My passion is God’s Love lived out in everyday moments.  My part in this business is ideas, colors, and star gazing.  Just kidding. Writing and telling you folks about where to buy this amazing art… I can’t wait to meet interesting people and hear their stories.  Also I have some dear friends in Africa that I would like to see next year, and I’m hoping that this little venture will help provide for the way there.

We’ve been hoping to work together as a family on something that would create value to people’s homes.  We started Soul Preserves Design this summer as an outlet for that dream.

We asked ourselves, “What are the prayers we want to hang on our walls at home?”

ummmmm….. the answer was unanimous, “Truth that Preserves”  “Truth that gives LIFE”  “Pictures, Words, and Prayers that inspire us to worship the King, love others, and reminders of how awesome God is.”  Stuff like that.

Hello Cool Name and Mason Jar thingy.

So… we are working hard at building a business that sells art and home accessories that inspire JOY and remind you to WORSHIP.

Our goals are simple:

#1 Honor Christ, His Message and His Creation

#2 Create amazing products that you can give as gifts or keep to hang in your office or home

#3 Honor our homes and offices as places of hospitality and JOY

#4 Have a Blast Together

#5 Inspire and Encourage

#6 Hire new artists with fresh ideas

#7 Meet new friends and share JOY

#8 Provide income to take care of people


Pray for us.

Support us through spreading the news.

Tell your friends, like us on Facebook.

Come see us at the Fall Craft Shows.

Buy stuff.

Feedback es QUE BUENO!!

  What prayers, scriptures, promises do you want on your wall?

“My COMFORT is this:  Your promises and wisdom

PRESERVE my life.”  – Psalm 119:50 and Ecclesiastes



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