Burritos of JOY

When the storm comes, will we fight for JOY? When we are content, will we fight for JOY?

Joy is

Confident peace that is crazy in it’s resolve.

Makes room for God to work.

Joy from heaven coincides with major sacrifices.

Focuses on the right things.

It’s a thankful heart.


Confident in Christ’s work on the Cross.

Trusting and abiding in Christ’s work.

Looking to Him as the Good Shepherd.

All these things rolled into a tasty burrito. 

(And I need a FreeBird right now.)

{Count your blessings name them one by one

It will surprise you what the Lord has done}

– Fanny Crosby

A list of blessings that Christ is using to preserve my JOY right now. 

Here goeth my burrito:

1.  my hot husband. steadfast, true, servant, slow to anger and quick to listen.  he reminds me everyday that to live is Christ and to die is gain. (sigh)

2.  my family. supportive, prayerful, merciful.

3.  my lifeGroup.  These people rock the house.

4.  worship at my church. there is just something about worshiping with a group of believers that are desperate for God to move mountains.  desperate for healing.  desperate for the message of Hope to go forth around the world. it’s freaking amazing.   the Spirit of God lands on my heart and stirs my heart with JOY every Sunday.  Especially when we get to sing lines like, “You are good You are good, when there is nothing good in me.”  and “Oh the Blood of Jesus is my victory//what a sacrifice, You paid the price- Oh the Blood of Jesus Washes me.”

5.  Sarah, Amanda, Putti-  in my home, they come over to study the Bible with me.  they serve, pray, laugh, and enjoy life.  so thankful.

6.  Grace and Nate.  they are walking JOY factories.  I need to buy them FreeBird shirts.

7.  My job.  full of laughter, hard work, helping people have great smiles. que bueno.

8.  Friends that laugh a lot, get real with where they are at, pray for my kids, when i get to pray for their kids… amazing.

9.  Food and Drink.

10.  a renewed love for the language we use to share the gospel.  been reading “Cost of Discipleship” “Explicit Gospel” at the same time.  wowsers.

11.  My kids little preschool.  Holy Cross Lutheran is full of wise ladies that teach my kids about God’s love.  Thankful for their partnership.

12.  Scripture.  God awakens and excites me every time I open the book.

Whats your list?  What is bringing you JOY this fine October morning?

Happy burrito day.


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