I am Sorry

A man works with inner city kids.  He is a tall black man, full of confidence and passionate that young people make something of themselves.  He grew up in the slum- single mom/ drunken then absentee father/  not a lot of hope.

His life changes.

He goes to school, gets an education, goes back to the slum.

He starts a school for boys who are in gangs.

part of his school’s weekly work::

They must not be in a gang any longer.

They must wear a shirt and tie.

They must clean up their language.

Most receive full scholarships because of the great discipline and education they receive.

Part of their school assignment is to knock on the doors of single moms.

Help them with whatever they need.

Then, this Principal has these boys say:

“I am Sorry.”

“I am sorry for the hurt that men have caused you.  I am sorry for the wrongs that have been done to you.”

These young men APOLOGIZE for things that THEY DID NOT even do.

Much weeping  //  It changes // It heals

Both the young men and the single moms are deeply affected and many are motivated to change.   Because  ~

Forgiveness and Unity are like medicine to the soul. 

Powerful.  We can learn much from others who choose to own someone else’s sin // crucify it // and help others move on.


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