Grace turned 4 today. Thinking about how awesome she is and what a miracle it was to have her. So thankful.


Grace is 4 Thomas and I can’t believe we’ve been parents for 4 years.  So much has happened since we’ve had Grace and I think we are wondering what we did with all our time before she came!

In honor of this momentous occasion, let me tell you the story about our little miracle…

TOMO’ After suffering through two miscarriages, Thomas and I weren’t sure that we were going to be able to have kids.  God used this tough stuff in our lives to do so many things…I can’t even count.  It stretched us.  Our marriage, perspective, faith- all of these things got stronger. Then came Tomo’…. One evening, we got together with some friends who wanted us to meet with one of their friends.  (You know the routine….awkward) Anyways, we met our friends at McAllister’s Deli here in Arlington. Over a salad and tea, our new friend, Tomo’, talked…

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