Broken Records

Favorite record growing up:  Fox and the Hound.  Played a million times on our Fisher Price Record player, the story of two unlikely friends was brilliant. “Forbidden” or “Unlikely” friendship stories are the best because they cause us to hope and even count on friendships that are unlikely, uncomfortable, and full of surprises.  So back to my record….   It started getting old and Cawwwwwwwper’s voice got lower and lower.


So, my broken record for this season of life is the battle I’ve witnessed up close and personal in my own heart and the ones I love.

It’s the struggle of my beautiful little church.

It’s the struggle that has kept people and families apart.

It’s the struggle that keeps the addict down.

The struggle that keeps us from partnering with people that are different.

It is not patient.

It keeps records of wrongs.

It’s the struggle that keeps us from giving and forgiving.

It’s the struggle between fear and freedom.

It’s the struggle that keeps us walking around in disappointment rather than joy.

Hello Pride.  You suck.

…from the Study Bible New Living Translation.

Pride vs Humility
“Wise people are humble, not proud.  Humility is demonstrated when a person recognizes a mistake, listens to another’s correction and learns from life’s lessons. 

It is hard for the proud to accept this discipline. 

Pride puts itself first and doesn’t allow for cracks or flaws to show in public.

However, truly humble people acknowledge that others have something to teach them about life. 

To be truly wise, we must begin with a fear (or respect) of the Lord, which recognizes that we have everything to learn from God and nothing to teach him. 

Learning from our own mistakes and observing the mistakes of others provides an avenue to wisdom and puts us on the road to life. 

Only a humility that acknowledges weakness and failings allow this kind of instruction to work its benefits in our lives. “


Beautiful stuff.  May it be so.  I’m asking-






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