Things to Leave Behind


What should we leave behind in 2012?


Bad attitudes.

Your mama jokes.  Well, at least most of them.


  •                     Skinny Jeans
  •                     Fat Jeans
  •                     Uncomfortable Clothes in general // PJ’s all the way
  •                     Treating Leggins like Pants




– Pride

– Anger

– Jealousy












  •   One-upping each other
  •   Thinking the worst of each other
  •   Unforgiveness
  •  Cynicism
  •  Bad grammars

  { Unbelief  }    


        –  Fear                 – Selfishness                         – Ignorance







– The show,  Cougartown… Does anyone like it?  Really?  Come on.





– Lack of Date nights  hilarious ideas here ——————————>  date-night-fall-o9






  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Bitterness



– Rangers losing- Cowboys losing


–  Land lines

– Cable… already let go of it and don’t miss it. serious. no turning back.

– Diapers



Last but not least:

Acting like we don’t need each other.  🙂


Two more days of 2012.  I’m thrilled.  For some, it’s been a great year.  Others have been broken & have gotten a little messy.  Some of us have had children.  Some have buried loved ones.  All of us have laughed and cried.  There will be a few things that I will hold onto:   I will hold onto what I learned in Haiti.  I will hold onto the beautiful friendships that have been tested by fire.  I will hold onto Jesus because He has held onto me.


Make some room for the good stuff..  How will you travel into 2013 a little lighter this year?














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