the hope of every man

“Some want to live within the sound
Of church or chapel bell;
I want to run a rescue shop,
Within a yard of hell.”

― C. T. Studd

This is the story of Eddy.

Eddy is 37.  He is tall, bald, in good shape.  Latino.  His smile is big and bright.  He has a fantastic sense of humor and has that way about him that immediately puts you at ease.

I saw Eddy this summer for his regular dental check up.  From what I remember that day, we had the building to ourselves, which is rare.  Everyone was gone for the day and he was my last patient.

He shared his updates with me and included the update on his cancer.  He had been battling a form of cancer for years and I had almost forgotten about it because he is so healthy and happy.

Eddy asked how the kids were doing and how Thomas was and what was going on with Haiti.  I shared a little and asked when he was going with us.  Next time we go, (whenever that is) YOU MUST GO!

We laughed…  and then things got a little serious.  He told me he had started going to church.  He started to confess things.  Ugh. Confessions.  Weird.

He told me he had made SO much money when he was young he didn’t even know how to act.  (I am rolling my eyes) He could have any girl anytime. (whatever) When his diagnosis came, he didn’t even care because he knew he had the money to take care of himself. (sounds like a typical prideful person.  I can identify)

Over the last few years however, he started to slow down.  Think about life.  Think about the future.  He even married and had a son.  He straightened up.  The world was his and he continued to fly to the most expensive hospitals his money could buy.

Things were all good.

He said he wanted peace with God.

So I asked if he had made his peace.

He answered, I think so.  He had turned everything around and looked to heaven for hope, healing, peace. (a little ambiguous but starting to get honest…)

Then he asked the CRAZIEST question, “So…when you and Thomas go to Haiti, what EXACTLY do you guys do?”

My response, “we take care of orphans by building stuff, taking eye glasses over, praying with folks…weird stuff like that.”

“So you don’t try to convert them?” he retorts.


“Shut up and let me clean your teeth.”  Just kidding.  “Well, I guess some people call it that.  I’ll tell you what we do.”

“Yeah, try to convert me.” he says.

Seriously ya’ll. And he was not being weird.  He just asked me to practice conversion tactics on him.  I laughed OUT LOUD.

Then a deep breath- So I could pray.  (God!  What do I say? Where do I start?  You are gonna have to show up here.)

God’s voice. “Just tell him the good news is me.  The good news is that I have done the work.”

Here goes.

No matter what you have done or not done- No matter how good or bad.  We deserve death.  We all are separated from this Holy God.  Some people completely throw in the towel and make themselves comfortable while they live.  Happiness is on the menu of life no matter the cost.  Others try to be good.  They stack up their good deeds like the businessman carefully selects his portfolio.  They study and know EVERYTHING about goodness, whatever god they serve, and they don’t rest from it.  There is certainly no assurance or freedom.

Jesus is different from any other god or religion.  The good news is that Jesus came and DID IT ALL for us.  He made the way for peace.  He took the bad.  He took the selfishness.

He loved us. Saved us.  Died for us.  Forgave us.

He has done the work.  He has done the work.  He has done the work.

And he wants a relationship with us.

Nothing can separate you from His love.

“I have been so bad.” Eddy whispers.

Me too.  And this is THE thing- While you were a big selfish loser.

full of shitiness. (yes I said it.  the point needed to be made)

Christ died for you.  He did the work.

Accept it and be at peace.

His response, “I need that.  I need healing”

I told him that I prayed that he would be healed but more than that, I asked the Lord to give him a heart to know Him.  To know Christ.

It was a sweet moment of worship as Eddy let the words of Christ WASH OVER HIM.

Powerful.  God is powerful and He loved this man so much, He cleared a time and a place and WOKE ME UP from the slumber in my soul to confess to this man the LOVE and GRACE of Christ.

We had us some worship and revelation right there on that sweet summer day.

So this week- two months later, it broke me to hear that Eddy died.  He went from healthy and happy to gone in a matter of 3 days.

But the good news is that The Advocate. The Intercessor.  The Love.  The Life.  The Freedom.  The Giver. The Rescuer met Eddy’s needs.  And my prayer is that his 3 year boy and wife will know the peace. the grace… the goodness of God.

This is what I learned:

  • God chooses how and when He gets His good news message through.
  • Sometimes the message comes at weird times and in weird places.
  • We need and want peace.  It’s ok to talk about it.
  • God is powerful.
  • God gives words.  He owns the truth.
  • Oh how He loves us.  Everywhere.  Every walk of life.


4 Responses to “the hope of every man”
  1. Natalie says:

    woah girl! what a story! what a God!

  2. Kristy says:

    You are a such a blessing to everyone who encounters you!! I just love you!! Your style!! Your heart!! Thank you for being bold and listening to God during that perfect intimate moment!!

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