Born in Pennsylvania, spent the ’80’s in Miami, migrated to Texas in the ’90’s and met my hubs.  We live in Arlington Texas.  Our neighbors happen to drive the Pepperidge Farm bread truck.  Needless to say, we eat carbs.

Some days I feel as though I live the Roxbury  life.  (you know- the hilarious hustling brothers on SNL)

Life’s goals: Trying not to be hustled by the world but be part of the change in it.  (to be rooted in love)   I am prone to wander, prone to pride, prone to silliness….God have mercy…(and He does)  Christ has earned my trust.  (rinse wash repeat grow)  I’m finding that it’s much better to wait on the Lord Jesus for strength and purpose than go out and get it done myself. (rinse wash repeat grow)

I am the wife of a very patient man, Thomas Robeson.  We married in 2002.  Together, we are attempting to raise our kids to be creative, fun, wise, funky, musical, imagination-filled, practical, little blessings….it’s really hard and fun and we need Jesus if you know what I’m saying.   Nathan started rolling his eyes at the age of 1 and Grace reminds us that life is a musical…. These kids teach more than a thousand books about life, love, and laughter.   Most of my time is spent raising kids and helping my hubbs serve at our local church.  We love connecting people to Hope. That process takes on a thousand different prayers and roles.

Random facts that deserve bullets

  • I am a song leader at Connect Church in Arlington. (which means I like forever 21 clothes and big earrings, right?)
  • Songs to Jesus bring me INSANE amounts of joy
  • Influences: pain, serving, traveling, wrestling with the gospel, resting, local church, parents, Passion, Watchman Nee, Andrew Murray, Amy Carmichael, Mother T, science, study, friendships

  •  I love buying things OTHER people make from Etsy and Pinterest.
  • Really old books bring out my biggest smiles.
  • Hoping to travel to at least 164 countries before I kick it. 🙂
  •  I am licensed to practice Dental Hygiene and do so as often as possible. (adore my patients and co-workers)
  • After kids, I took up new hobbies like inventing new cuss words. (kick-awesome)
  • Striving to be better a better listener.
  • I long and ache for heaven. (in a non-suicidal way)

I hope you find this blog homey and that you feel free to comment. Love and Peace.



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