the hope of every man

the story of my friend Eddy.


When Grace Asks God for Something

Robeson’s are asking for some bold things today.

Burritos of JOY

A list of sorts. What is bringing me unexplainable JOY on this fine October morn.

Vulnerable Season Check-list

This little bit is for sons and daughters of Christ….that may be going through a vulnerable time. May we come out stronger, better servants, battle wise, not bitter and lookin more like Christ Jesus.

to the Mothers that aim to raise World Changers

5 things: 1.  It’s not about “being good”.  It’s about knowing the Author of goodness… 2.  Rules are for safety and respect.  They preserve your life for future greatness and make way for a lighter heart. 3.  Spoil your kids with the LOVE of Christ….Nothing else will be enough. 4.  More is caught then taught.  … Continue reading

Clean, Mean, Cinderella, Machine

Grace asked me the other day why the step-mother in Cinderella was SO MEAN I was quick to say, “Well, she probably has had issues.” Grace says, “tissues?” “No honey, issues. She probably had a rough life and is being mean to others to get her way.” Then Grace pulled the big, “why?” (Thomas looked over at me and smiled). Well. Sigh. Shrug. Ah-hem.