Rend (ing)

  With the rending of the heart And bowing of the knee Lord You are returning. Come let us return to the Lord Come let us return to the Lord. In Brokeness of heart we consecrate our lives Come, come let us return to the Lord. With the rending of the heart, with the bowing … Continue reading

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Grace is 4 Thomas and I can’t believe we’ve been parents for 4 years.  So much has happened since we’ve had Grace and I think we are wondering what we did with all our time before she came! In honor of this momentous occasion, let me tell you the story about…

Infertility:: 3 things to ask God for

Countless couples are facing the burden of infertility. Here are three things you can pray for.

5 reasons why I love tension

1. Keeps Life Interesting 2.Makes Music Amazing 3.Makes Stories Amazing 4.Allows Sincerity to Shine 5.Grows, Heals and Polishes   Did I miss any?

Julia Rose Mangrem

Remembering some very good things God did (in and through) my friend, Julie Mangrem.

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This was the second morning that daddy was home and it was like the day after Christmas for Grace…  you know that day…you are a little more organized with HOW you are going to play with your new toys, and the joy is still fresh.  Anyways, Grace is still fresh with…

Hello Haiti

headed to Haiti this week!!!!

Conquering “the Pharisee within”

“Humility makes the soul fear that it would dishonor God by not trusting in Him wholly”….(whoa Nelly!) a few excerpt’s from an good olde book…

Nugget for Today

We need forgiveness AND preservation….
And…more paint

Christian Apologetics for Age 3

No one really prepares you for parenthood and the crazy conversations… We were on our way to church yesterday morning when Grace (who just turned 3) asked me if we could pray for church.  I turned down the VeggieTales CD, “Sure honey, let’s pray right now for church.” (In my head I’m thinking, ‘how nice, … Continue reading