When Grace Asks God for Something

Robeson’s are asking for some bold things today.


I am Sorry

The powerful and changing effects of this man’s apology campaign

Jane Eyre and the Management of Forgiveness

So October 16, 1847, Missy Bronte published “Jane Eyre”. A lovely book, made into a lovely movie that I recently watched on Netflix. And was reminded about God’s threads of forgiveness. Yes, there may be a rap at the end of this post.

Vulnerable Season Check-list

This little bit is for sons and daughters of Christ….that may be going through a vulnerable time. May we come out stronger, better servants, battle wise, not bitter and lookin more like Christ Jesus.

Under the Umbrella

I’ve always thought of Grace as an umbrella. (a mini-shelter and oh so purposeful)  It shields, protects, and covers during the storm… Years ago, my husband and I traveled to a Muslim country.  We were young, newly married, and excited to share in adventure together.  We wanted to experience Asia and to take everything in.  … Continue reading

theo versus saint

Let God’s saving grace lead you to unity.


Typical is my enemy. I fight against it. I also hate drama… But, avoiding awkward situations or hard conversations is typical….so I find myself in them…a lot…In fact, apart from God’s Word and prayer time, I always learn more about the character of God and His vigorous love for us when I engage with people I have “nothing” in common with. I’m gonna have to Bible-reflect here and say that Jesus was such a great example to me. He spent time with all types of people, He was engaging. There was a short time He was here walking the earth and He chose wisely who and when to engage conversations…I shall take my cues from Him…