Things to Leave Behind

Traveling into 2013 a little lighter.


I am Sorry

The powerful and changing effects of this man’s apology campaign

Vulnerable Season Check-list

This little bit is for sons and daughters of Christ….that may be going through a vulnerable time. May we come out stronger, better servants, battle wise, not bitter and lookin more like Christ Jesus.


—  Best to kill the dragon before it devours the sheep  — Within the dynamic structure of mutuality, there lurks an enemy.  Lurking, creeping, waiting patiently to strike, there is an enemy to mutuality.  It can sneak up on us before we know it.  If we know what it looks like, it’s consequences, and are … Continue reading

Under the Umbrella

I’ve always thought of Grace as an umbrella. (a mini-shelter and oh so purposeful)  It shields, protects, and covers during the storm… Years ago, my husband and I traveled to a Muslim country.  We were young, newly married, and excited to share in adventure together.  We wanted to experience Asia and to take everything in.  … Continue reading

Tale of 2 Men and a little Lady

These two encounters happened over the last couple of years while I’ve been working as a dental hygienist. (I took the liberty of telling in the 1st person) So humbled to think about what God taught me through Caroline, Jerry, and John.

Jesus, Friend of Pharisees

(there is hope for all) In modern society we love to point out that Jesus ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. He crossed social boundaries. He was the friend of sinners. Sometimes we fail to note there is another group with whom he regularly dined: pharisees.

theo versus saint

Let God’s saving grace lead you to unity.