When Grace Asks God for Something

Robeson’s are asking for some bold things today.


the small and wise

Taking a lesson from Wise King Solomon’s observations about hard work //  He must have know all of our excuses //    Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise: ants – creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer; marmots – vulnerable as they are, manage … Continue reading

I am Sorry

The powerful and changing effects of this man’s apology campaign

Vulnerable Season Check-list

This little bit is for sons and daughters of Christ….that may be going through a vulnerable time. May we come out stronger, better servants, battle wise, not bitter and lookin more like Christ Jesus.


—  Best to kill the dragon before it devours the sheep  — Within the dynamic structure of mutuality, there lurks an enemy.  Lurking, creeping, waiting patiently to strike, there is an enemy to mutuality.  It can sneak up on us before we know it.  If we know what it looks like, it’s consequences, and are … Continue reading

Under the Umbrella

I’ve always thought of Grace as an umbrella. (a mini-shelter and oh so purposeful)  It shields, protects, and covers during the storm… Years ago, my husband and I traveled to a Muslim country.  We were young, newly married, and excited to share in adventure together.  We wanted to experience Asia and to take everything in.  … Continue reading

Clean, Mean, Cinderella, Machine

Grace asked me the other day why the step-mother in Cinderella was SO MEAN I was quick to say, “Well, she probably has had issues.” Grace says, “tissues?” “No honey, issues. She probably had a rough life and is being mean to others to get her way.” Then Grace pulled the big, “why?” (Thomas looked over at me and smiled). Well. Sigh. Shrug. Ah-hem.

theo versus saint

Let God’s saving grace lead you to unity.

the Story of B

One of the greatest opportunities of living in a new place is all the new people we have met….this is the story of our neighbor- 8 year old “B”